Does Your Life Need A Laxative?  

Dr. Fred’s Practical Prescriptions for Happiness

A book for teenagers, “in-between agers,” and senior agers!

Does Your Life Need a Laxative? Dr. Fred’s Practical Prescriptions for Happiness

ISBN-10: 0-9786875-0-7, ISBN-13: 978-0-9786-8750-2, Price: $20.00 U.S. (includes tax and shipping), 208 pages | This book by Fred Broder, Ph.D. is not your typical pie-in-the-sky self-help book; it’s a book that can really help change your life for the better! With profound points and memorable and usable prescriptions, this easy read will improve your attitude, relationships and the decisions you make. Dr. Fred takes the messages he has delivered on cruise ships around the world and for corporations and organizations throughout the U.S. and has turned them into an intriguing, concise, and practical book. Sample chapters include: Reading Your Dashboard of Life, You’re Never Too Old for Your Blankie, Take a Lesson from Julia and Denzel, Keep ’em Spinning, Do You Love Life in the Abstract?, Life’s a Garage Sale!, and The Emperor’s New Clothes Syndrome.


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